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Documentary video blog on the 2006 Ecuadoran elections (Spanish):
Quebec City protests April 2001
Video from the April, 2001 protests against the FTAA in Quebec City, Canada.
Tear gas and riot cops, anarchists tear down the fence. Includes
footage of catapult used by Jaggi Singh to assault capitalism. 52

Barbara Ehrenreich speaks at UMass Amherst WALKOUT 4-21-05
Barbara Ehrenreich speaks to students during walkout at UMass Amherst. Jed Murr
introduces her. More info at

Riot-Folk at UMass Amherst Student Walkout
Riot-Folk sing at UMass Amherst student walkout, 4-21-05 Ethan Miller and Kate
Boverman "Hard-hitting and earthy radical folk from Maine/Oregon" Info on the walkout:
UMass students and workers march...
UMass Amherst- Protest March - 3-31-05 Hundreds of students and grad student
employees march and block traffic before delivering more than 350
letters demanding a fair contract for the Graduate Employee
Organization (GEO),
Westover AFB Peace Protest
Anti-war protest at Westover AFB...hundreds of anti-war peace activists turned
out to protest the war in Iraq, dozens arrested blocking street
entrance to Westover Air Force Base.  Spring 2003.
UMass RAs Rally in Boston
This is a video of UMass RA's at a rally for union recognition with UAW
2322. The resident assistants and a hundred or so supporters marched on
1 Beacon Street, President Bulger's office.
UMass RA's rally and march for union recognition
Video of UMass Amherst Resident Assistants at a May 6, 2002 rally and march
for union recognition with UAW 2322. The resident assistants and
hundreds of supporters marched across campus. Speakers included labor
sociologist Dan Clawson, several RA's, local labor leaders.
UMass arrests 35 in RA sitin for union recognition
April 29, 2002 - More than a dozen student activists occupy UMass Amherst
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Javier Cevallos' office.
Save UMass Protest 3-7-02
Video of Save UMass protest against budget cuts to higher education. One of
the biggest rallies in recent UMass history...students delivered
thousands of letters protesting the budget cuts.
UMass Childcare Rally 2002
UMass student-parents rally for affordable childcare at UMass Amherst, spring 2002.
UMass grad employees stage sit-in at UMass President Bulger's office on Beacon Street Boston 7-11-2001
UMass Continuing Education instructors denied union recognition by UMass:
supporters stage sit-in at UMass President Bulger's office at 1 Beacon
Street, Boston, Massachusetts. Continuing Ed instructors went on to win
a collective bargaining agreement with UMass Amherst.
UMass GEO pickets Whitmore 4-11-01 –
UMass Amherst Graduate Employee Organization UAW Local 2322 pickets
WhitmoreAdministration Building during fight for a fair contract.
UMass students protest Chancellor Scott for decline in minority enrollment.
3/13/01  UMass Amherst-students hold silent protest at Chancellor Scott's
meeting of education industry luminaries. Students taped their mouths
shut to demonstrate the silencing of minority voices through the
dismantling of affirmative action and the corresponding decline in
minority enrollment at UMass.
Students march against dismantling of affirmative action...
SCARCE - Student Coalition Against Racist and Classist Education and AALANAA
African American Latino Asian and Native American student groups march
on Whitmore Administration Building at UMass Amherst, 2/27/01.
GEO UAW labor march at UMass Amherst
Labor union march by Graduate Employee Organization UAW at UMass Amherst.
Graduate employees bring their proposals to management to counter
regressive takebacks from UMass proposals.   2/15/01
UMass GEO Diaper Rally and March
UMass Amherst Drives Out Working People & Families with its Anti-Union Tactics
Servicenet Protest
ServiceNet employs 200 mental health care workers and counselors in Western
Massachusetts, who organized with UAW Local 2322 and in this video
workers take to the streets and picket their employer's offices on King
Street in Northampton during stalled contract negotiations and facing
regressive management proposals. More info at
Walmart Protest
500+ Workers, students, community and anti-sweatshop activists, Jobs with
Justice, SEIU, Teamsters, UAW, and many others converge on the Hadley,
MA WalMart for a day of protest against globalization and WalMart in
solidarity with the protests in Prague, 9/26/00.
A-DP invades Standard Plating - Labor Ready Sweatshop
Video of A-DP protest at Standard Plating, a metal-plating shop in West Springfield
Labor Ready invasion by ADP
LaborReady workers and supporters from the Anti-Displacement Project in
Springfield, Massachusetts, invade the local Labor Ready to protest
below minimum-wage wages, illegal check-cashing fees and charges for
equipment, a lack of safety training and dangerous workplaces, and
other violations of workers' rights.
Anti-Displacement Project confronts construction contractor Cutler Associates at Mt. Holyoke College
The Anti-Displacement Project confronts construction contractor Cutler
Associates at Mt. Holyoke College jobsite. Cutler was targeted for
using Labor Ready temps, paid $6.75 and charged illegal check-cashing
and equipment fees that reduced wages below the minimum wage, while
full-time workers made $18-$20/hr.
A-DP protest inside Holyoke LaborReady
Anti-Displacement Project invades Holyoke, Massachusetts temp-labor supplier LaborReady.
LaborReady exploits vulnerable day laborers, takes money out of minimum
wage checks for illegal check cashing fees and safety equipment and
transportation charges, leaving workers making less than minimum wage
for a variety of hard labor jobs.
Chef Solutions workers speak out...
This video is a series of interviews with former and current Chef Solutions
employees, talking about their experiences working for the company and
the aftermath of the failed union organizing drive. Some interviews are
in Spanish. Chef Solutions is an industrial bakery in North Haven, CT.
UAW pickets Stamford Marriot
UAW teachers picket school event at Stamford Marriot hotel during fight for
a fair contract, against regressive management proposals.
Surfing the Wave-O-Saurus –
brian oelberg surfing the CT River 4-7-05  @ 89,000cfs 30ft.